Your around the world cruise begins in Malaysia!!

Encounter Iceland’s Symphony of
Light during Aurora season

95th Global Cruise

August 13 - November 24, 2017
(Yokohama-Yokohama/104 days)

Chance to see the Aurora Borealis in the Aurora Belt!!
Ancient monuments that bare witness to the past and the vastness of nature await you on this journey. Chase the many different spectacles of the Earth as you sail across her beautiful oceans.
Your unforgettable, around the world cruise starts here.

Highlights of 95th Cruise

  • Aurora Travel by ship to the Aurora Belt
    These symphonies of light in the night sky can only been seen in the northern and southern extremes of the planet. During the 95th cruise the ship will travel between 60 and 70 degrees latitude, which is the most common location to see the Aurora lights. Witnessing this spectacle from the sea without city skylines or urban light pollution will give you an unrivaled chance to witness one of nature's most mystical phenomena, all from the comfort of the ship.
  • Cuba Enjoy real exchange with local people
    in a way only Peace Boat can offer.
    Visit the exotic destination of Havana, which captivated the heart of literary giant Hemingway. Stroll around the Old Town with a glass of rum in your hand, and let yourself get taken away by the rhythm of salsa on the streets in true Cuban style. Encounter the music, history, culture and people of this enchanting country. Enjoy your visit through Peace Boat's unique, in-port programmes to learn about the nation's agriculture, health care system, education and art.
  • Dubrovnik The Pearl of the Adriatic.
    Beautiful Streetscapes and Oysters.
    Visit the beautiful Croatian destination of Dubrovnik and soak up the conic Mediterranean views of terracotta streets reminiscent of Europe's Middle Ages. Enjoy the beauty of this historical fort town and take in the deep blue of the Adriatic as it contrasts with the rich hues of the city's terracotta roofs. The limestone in the castle fort is so worn and polished that people say the moon's reflection can be seen even when it rains. One of Dubrovnik's other charms is the stunning seafood it offers to discerning connoisseurs. Taste the finest cuisine, enjoyed with some wine as you look out over the Adriatic.

Around the World Cruise Map

23 Amazing Destinations

Yokohama, Japan August 13, 2017
Kobe, Japan August 14
Xiamen, China August 18
Singapore August 23
Yangon, Burma/Myanmar August 27-28
Colombo, Sri Lanka September 1
Passing through the Suez Canal
Piraeus, Greece September 14
Crete, Greece September 15
Kotor, Montenegro September 17
Dubrovnik, Croatia September 18
Strait of Messina
Naples, Italy September 20
Strait of Bonifacio
Barcelona, Spain September 22
Strait of Gibraltar
Lisbon, Portugal September 25
Bordeaux, France September 28
Strait of Dover
Tilbury (London), United Kingdom October 1
Edinburgh, United Kingdom October 3
Enter the Aurora Viewing Belt
Sailing along the Icelandic Coast
Reykjavik, Iceland October 7-8
New York, United States October 15-16
Nassau, the Bahamas October 19
Havana, Cuba October 21
Cozumel, Mexico October 23
Cristobal, Panama October 26-27
Passing through the Panama Canal
Corinto, Nicaragua October 29-30
Hilo (Hawaii), United States November 11-12
Honolulu, United States November 13
Yokohama, Japan November 24
Kobe, Japan November 25

Option available to depart from and return to Kobe

Cabin Types And Cruise Fares

Whether traveling with family or friends,
there is a wide range of cabins to match every lifestyle and budget.

Friendly Type(Shared cabins. Fare per person)

Room Class Beds Bed Type Window Floor Fare (Global Cruise)


Bunk beds - 5-7 RM31,200
Outside 4 Bunk beds □□ 4-7 RM34,200

Pair Type(Please apply in a pair. Fare per person)

Room Class Beds Bed Type Window Floor Fare (Global Cruise)


Twin beds - 5-7 RM44,700
Outside 2 Twin beds □□ 4-7 RM50,700
Balcony 2 Twin beds □□ 10 RM98,700

Semi-single Type(Shared cabins with simple partition. Fare per person)

Room Class Beds Bed Type Window Floor Fare (Global Cruise)


Twin beds - 5-7 RM47,700
Outside 2 Twin beds □□ 4-7 RM53,700

Single Type(Fare per person)

Room Class Beds Bed Type Window Floor Fare (Global Cruise)


Double - 5-7 RM67,200
Outside 1 Double □□ 4-7 RM73,200

Other Expenses

  • 30% discount available for children aged 12 or under.
  • Meals are included.
  • Port charges RM1,890 and on board tips RM1,950. Please see Summary of Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • The fares shown are from Singapore to Yokohama. Please consult us if you wish to join a partial cruise.